When a person leading a healthy life is convicted and charged with a felony, their life goes haywire. Many questions storm the brains of those felonies when they are sitting behind bars or trial in a court. One of those questions is how I will get a job after getting out of jail?  The solution is to apply to felon friendly companies that hire these ex-convicts.

However, they will ask specific questions to ensure that they are hiring a rehabilitated person. Below are some of the questions that are asked and appropriate answers to those questions:

  1. What are your felony convictions in the past five years?

Whatever your felony convictions were and if it has exceeded five years then, say “no”. However, do explain what crime you were charged with and how many years back. The company maybe felon friendly but the company needs some assurance.


  1. Give a brief description of your crime.

Do not ever give too much information on your crime. Say what happened and how you got accused. Chop down the melodrama. It makes your interviewers doubtful of their office’s safety. Take responsibility for the crime that you have done. Remember that the company is willing to accept you, so do not fear them.

  1. How do you feel about yourself now?

All felony friendly companies will run a character enquiry about you, but they might also ask you what you feel about yourself. Always emphasise the fact that now you have changed as a person. Tell about all the lessons you had learned while you were in the prison. Moreover, if you are not a changed person, then take some time to transform yourself before you apply for any job.

Any felon friendly company will ask these questions. Make sure you put yourself on a positive mode so that you leave the office with the head held high. For more information on this visit www.felonfriendly.net.

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