The Central American country of Guatemala is bordered by Mexico, El Salvador, Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. If one is planning a trip to Guatemala, they should definitely enjoy a good shopping there.  Before travelling, they can go online at and check out what is for sale in the Guatemalan market. The website is a resource for available products and different shopping centers for everybody. Readers are offered a line of articles related to touring the Central American country and shopping at the local bazars. This helps tourists plan their schedule before their travel to Guatemala.

Enjoy a colorful day shopping and touring Guatemala

Guatemala provides tourists and foreigners with a colorful travel experience. Being the origin of the Mayan civilization, it still follows the tradition and customs of the ancestral lines. If one wants to know more about Guatemala and its cultural roots, they can check the Guatemala-times website for any information related to sightseeing, shopping and cultural background of the country.

guatemala - times

The website is the place where reader planning to travel to the Central American country can get a good insight of the country, its traditional and cultural background and places to visit and shop.

Unravel Central American history and culture with Guatemala

Guatemala is a wonderful place to visit. From the remains of the civil war, you can find out more about Central America and Guatemala’s amazing history and culture. Being a part of the Mayan civilization, one can learn about the country’s historical and traditional roots by visiting the National Museum. The museum exhibits a comprehensive display of historical and archaeological artifacts. If one wants to take home a token of remembrance, they can go shopping at the local market and get their collection of traditional and historical importance.



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