Swimming is undoubtedly a fascinating sport that is preferred by people all around the world. Swimmers are definitely also the best athletes and there is so much about them that you may not be even aware of. If you wish to read more swimming related blogs then you can go to www.yourswimlog.com.

Facts to know about:

If you are interested to learn some of the interesting facts about swimming and swimmers then you can go through the points listed below. You can also read more about swimming at Your Swim Log.

  1. Did you know that free divers have the capability of holding their breath under the water up to 10 minutes? Most individuals can only hold their breath for a few seconds or for a minute but when it comes to free divers they can hold up their breath for 10 minutes or for longer. We can’t vouch for this entirely, but the use of CBD oil has also been known to help with swimming and general well-being. HerbMighty covers the topic of CBD oil quite well.
  2. Olympic sized pools contain enough water to have at least 9400 baths. Well, that is definitely a lot of baths.
  3. Swimmers are required to have a good amount of flexibility in their feet so that they can propel through the water for which they take a lot of training. As a result, swimmers can actually flex their feet even to the ground.
  4. Swimming includes a variety of strokes. However, breaststroke is considered to be the oldest form of strokes in swimming. It is believed that breaststrokes actually roots back to the stone ages.
  5. According to a 2014 survey, it has been found that most Americans do not know how to swim. The survey was conducted by American Red Cross.

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