In the midst of breathtakingly beautiful views, Victoria Peak offers a timeless selection of diverse culinary destinations. Whether you want to devour authentic local cuisine or experiment with a variety of international foods, Victoria Peak is the place for you. Here are the top must-try restaurants in Victoria Peak.

How do we choose restaurants? At The Tour Guy, we value small locally owned restaurants and small chains that focus on quality. We have never taken money from a restaurant to showcase them and we usually don’t even say it when we try their food.

Fujiyama mom

Photo thanks to Fujiyama mom

$$$ | Japanese | seafood

In the style of the Japanese pop aesthetic of the 1960s, Fujiyama Mama presents delicious Japanese food in a tasteful ambience. They cook food from authentic ingredients imported directly from Japan. Get ready to enjoy a variety of Fujiyama roll sushi with a panoramic view of Hong Kong.

Then you have your ‘rock’ n ‘roll don. It’s tasty. Plus, their juicy Kobe beef as well as their seafood stew are divine. We also love their slow cooked, flavorful ramen soup. The work of good cuisine is best shown in the flavors of the food.

address: Shop 205, 2 / F, Peak Tower

Rajasthan rifles

Photo thanks to Rajasthan Rifles

$$$$ | Anglo-Indian | Curries | Rice | vegetables

The selection of delicious high-end Anglo-Indian food in Hong Kong is quite sparse. Rajasthan Royals on Victoria Peak is one of the best restaurants in this category. With an interior set up like a 1920s officers’ mess and busy waiters in British military uniforms, this place offers a unique dining experience.

We are in love with their spicy lamb biryani. It consists of lamb ribs and shoulders that are marinated in masala and gently cooked over a slow heat. Served with a bowl of fine raita, it will fill you to the core. Their Clubwala Palak, creamed spinach, is another item on their menu that we love to have and encourage you to try it!

Address: The Peak Galleria, Shop G01 G / F

Kala Toast the Peak

Photo thanks to Kala Toast the Peak

$$ | Cheese toast | Best Fit Breakfast | Having lunch

The richness of a good cheese toast is hard to beat. Kala Cheese Toast at the Peak specializes in the real Korean version of the perfect cheese toast. If you like food that is not only appetizing but also looks great, Rainbow Cheese Toast is a great choice. This toast is made from a combination of 4 different types of cheese and looks like a rainbow.

Your Spanish sausage and egg cube is not only spicy and hot, it is crispy to the core. If you are an egg lover, we recommend trying the smooth and creamy scrambled eggs, which exude a rich buttery flavor.

Address: Shop G11, G / F, The Peak Tower

37 Steakhouse and Bar

Photo thanks to 37 Steakhouse and Bar

$$$ | New York style | Steaks | seafood

Would you like to gobble up some amazing New York style steaks while enjoying the spectacular view of the Hong Kong summit? Satisfy your appetite with the exquisite dishes at 37 Steakhouse. Their coveted Australian wagyu and rib steaks paired with linguine and Italian red prawns are a must.

If you’re in the mood for a fiery meal, the roasted French spring chicken and charcoal grilled whole sea bass are all you need. Also try the unique salads and risottos. You will love the place and its offers.

Address: Shop 102-103, 1 / F, Peak Galleria

Wildfire Pizza Bar

Best Restaurants Victoria Peak Hong Kong 700 x 425

$$$ | Italian taste | Pizza

Do you remember the cheesy, aromatic pizzas of Italy on your trip to Hong Kong? Don’t worry, the Wildfire Pizza Bar at Victoria Peak serves real Italian pizzas made with ingredients from all over Italy! You will definitely enjoy their newly introduced crispy pizzas as well as the old fashioned classics.

We also recommend that you try the snack menu with pasta and a selection of steaks. In particular, each of their menu items is more promising than the other. Our all-time favorite from here is the quinoa salad with smoked salmon; healthy, filling and yet full of flavor

Address: 128 Peak Road, Shop 102

Maks noodles

Photo thanks to Maks Nudeln N

$$ | Chinese | Wonton noodles

A trip to Hong Kong is incomplete without trying the famous wanton noodles. Mak’s should be your point of contact for this. It serves El Dante pasta in a rich, aromatic sticky broth. Paired with a plump, smooth wonton filled with shrimp. it makes for a satisfying soup experience. Mak’s will undoubtedly make you fall in love with Chinese delicacies.

They have been using the same recipe for 100 years and have been named the “Best Wanton Noodle Eatery” in Hong Kong. We definitely recommend you check out Mak’s and see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Address: The Peak Galleria, Shop 112

The summit lookout point

Photo thanks to The Peak Lookout

$$$$ | Multicultural | Trendy plates

The Peak Lookout, formerly known as the Peak Café, presents a rich mix of ancient and modern and offers a multicultural menu for its diverse clientele. Enjoy your meals with a view of the South China Sea! We personally love the classic Hanain Chicken rice on their fantastic menu. It’s basically poached chicken served with rice cooked in chicken broth.

In addition, their Taipingshan snack platter is amazing. Consisting of smoked salmon grilled Indian grill rolls, curry samosas and Mexican pancakes, for which it is a dream. We definitely recommend you try it out.

Address: 121 Peak Road

Flame by Enrico Bartoleni

Photo thanks to Fiamma by Enrico Bartoleni

$$$ | Classic Italian | Pasta | Pizza

Fiamma is a must see on Victoria Peak. It’s a popular restaurant opened by Michelin chef Enrico Bartolini. Fiamma focuses on a range of classic Italian dishes and offers its customers both indoor and outdoor seating. We find the overall casual atmosphere of the place extremely relaxing. What could be nicer than enjoying your favorite cheese-flavored dish in such an ambience ?! We tried their great lasagna, baked to perfection.

Generously layered with creamy bechamel sauce and Parmigiano Reggiano, this cheesy goodness is simply divine! In addition, your Quattro formaggi ensures an appetizing experience. Literally this means 4 types of cheese, this is a pizza that is sticky in the middle and crispy on the edges. It’s something that you want to immerse yourself in over and over again.

Address: Shop GO2, G / F, Peak Galleria

Bubba Gump Shrimp

Photo thanks to Bubba Gump Shrimp

$$$ | First class food | South American

Important: Bubba Gump is a large chain restaurant and wouldn’t normally be featured, but the views are exceptional so we went for it!

If you loved Tom Hanks’ iconic “Forest Gump” movie, you must visit Bubba Gump Shrimp! It’s themed exquisitely, with film stills on the walls and cheeky music in the background. They offer a cozy dining experience while also offering the majestic view of Hong Kong through large glass windows!

We loved their deliciously soft and flavorful garlic bread. That said, their batter-baked shrimp paired with strawberry-lemon-up drink are enough to wow your taste buds. Also, don’t forget to try the sticky hot brownie, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, before you leave. You will want more.

address: Shop 304 and 305, 3 / F, The Peak Tower


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