Have you heard of the White Temple on the other side of Chiang Rai? Well, the Black House, which is also located in Chiang Rai, completely reflects the dark side of the White Temple. Hence it is called the Black House.

Photo credit – Kate Branch, Baan Dam, CC BY-SA 4.0

It’s dark and gloomy

The White Temple serves the purpose of perfection. While the Black House Museum serves a somber purpose. The external appearance is dark and weathered.

Thawan Duchanee was once a very popular artist in Thailand. This museum is considered to be one of his most artistic and creative visions. He also used this room as a residence and studio for several years.

What to explore

The museum isn’t just about paintings by Thawan Duchanee. There are human bones, animal skins, and horns on display, and you may come across some evoking thrones too.

Visit the attraction

While staying at a boutique Chiang Rai hotel like Hotel Sooknirund, check out this Black House Museum, also known as the best version of Hell.


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