The island of Capri is by far the most exclusive island in Italy and one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Capri does not have an airport, so there are only two ways to get to the island of Capri; by boat and by helicopter. In addition, the lack of accessibility coupled with the natural beauty of the island of Capri is why it is so sought after and exclusive. This can make hotels expensive and difficult to find. Here are the best hotels in Capri at any price!

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Capri & Anacapri

Faraglioni Rocks Capri top attractions

Capri is a very small island. So small that some parts can be crossed on foot in less than 30 minutes. The island is divided into two areas; capri and Anacapri. Capri is a village that stretches across the width of the island’s core from Marina Grande to Marina Piccola. Anacapri is a small town at the highest point on the island. There are no beaches, but the beautiful unspoilt nature attracts visitors from all over the world who are looking for exclusivity.

Why I love Capri & Anacapri ❤️

  • The island is almost exclusively a pedestrian zone
  • It’s hard to get to which means it’s exclusive and less crowded.
  • The views are second to none
  • Tons of really cool beach restaurants (I live for drunk lunches on the beach)
  • You are likely to meet a lot of fun people who speak English.

Attractions near Capri & Anacapri 🏛️

  • Blue grottoes
  • Villa Jovis (Tiberius’ Villa)
  • Villa San Michele
  • Punta Carena lighthouse
  • Anacapri
  • Natural arch

Best restaurants in Capri & Anacapri

Read our in-depth article on the best restaurants in Capri & Anacapri. Bookmark your browser so you can come back to it.

Best hotels in Capri 🛏

Below are what we believe are the best hotel picks for Capri in 2021. You can also see our Anacapri picks below!

Hotel Caesar Augustus

Hotel Caesar AugustusPhoto thanks to Hotel Caesar Augustus

€€€€ | 5 stars | Amazing pool with ridiculous views | Anacapri

The Hotel Caesar Augustus is one of the best and most exclusive hotels on Capri. It’s an easy choice when you have the budget, which is going to be high!

Location & booking

Villa Mariuccia Capri

Villa Mariuccia CapriPhoto thanks to Villa Mariuccia Capri

€€€ | 4 stars | Beautiful decor and close to exclusive beaches

Really great hotel with a Mediterranean flair with an incredible view.

Location & booking

Belvedere Capri Suite

Photo thanks to Suite Elegance Belvedere

€€€ | B&B | Nice place

This is a very nice B&B at an incredible price. The great location gives you fantastic views and access to many beaches if you are in good shape.

Location & booking

Capri Palace Jumeirah

Jumeirah Palace CapriPhoto thanks to Jumeirah Palace

€€€€ | 5 stars | Very exclusive | Swimming pool | Anacapri

Located at the top of the world, the Jumeirah Palace is probably the most luxurious, stylish and exclusive hotel in Capri, making it one of the best in the world.

Location & booking

Hotel Giardino Dell’Arte

Hotel Giardino Dell'ArtePhoto thanks to Hotel Giardino Dell’Arte

€€ | 4 stars | Quaint & characteristic | Family friendly | Anacapri

Beautiful hotel in Anacapri with lots of greenery and fresh air to breathe. Ideal for families with children who need space to run around and nature to join in!

Location & booking

La Reginella

La Reginella Capri Photo thanks to La Reginella Capri

€€ | 2 stars | Good location and good value for money

Relaxed hotel in Capri with great views and cool layout. Very Italian / Mediterranean atmosphere which makes it a great choice on a conservative budget.

Location & booking

Hotel Villa Blu Capri

Hotel Villa Blu Capri Photo thanks to Villa Blu Capri

€€€€ | 5 stars | Capri Look & Feel | Swimming pool | Anacapri

Villa Blu is a super luxurious Anacapri hotel with fantastic restaurants and amazing amenities. A great choice for high-end travelers at a slightly lower price than other luxury hotels.

Location & booking

Residence 2 pini

Residence 2 Pini CapriPhoto thanks to Residence 2 pini

€€ | 4 stars | Open feeling & great prospects | Whirlpool! | Familyfriendly | Anacapri

Quaint hotel in Anacapri with lots of charm, including a jacuzzi! Plenty of room to spread out, which makes it great for families or really everyone.

Location & booking

Hotel Bougainville Capri

Hotel Bougainville Capri Photo thanks to Hotel Bougainville Capri

€€ | 4 stars | Ideal for families | Small pool | playground | Anacapri

Great family friendly hotel with epic views and a small pool. The hotel is definitely “Italian” in style with arches and ancient columns. Super cool!

Location & booking

Hotel San Michele

Hotel San Michele CapriPhoto thanks to Hotel San Michele

€€ | 4 stars | Comfortable & great view | Swimming pool | Familyfriendly | Anacapri

Hotel San Michele is a fairly large property in Capri with a large pool that makes it ideal for kids or sports fans.

Location & booking

Other great hotels in Capri & Anacapri

  • Relais Villa Anna – €€ | B & B / 3 stars | Clean, modern and nice – Location & booking

If you want to stay in a villa, has a lot of great options.


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