First, Positano is the Amalfi Coast town everyone thinks of when you say “the Amalfi Coast”. As a result, Positano earned this stigma for good reason. For example, it has an expansive beach, lots of activities, cool restaurants, and lots to do. All of these features make it arguably the most popular city on the Amalfi Coast. Here are the best hotels in Positano!

What makes Positano so special?

However, this popularity comes at a price. A B&B could easily cost you $ 300 + a night so it’s up to you. So stay in a popular destination like Positano or Capri where everything is going on or scroll down to Maiori and pay half the price with half the people.

The best hotels in Positano

Why I love Positano ❤️

  • Positano has a great beach and a great view as it is on a mountainside
  • Restaurants along the beach offer plenty of outdoor seating for lunch or dinner, which is ideal for a beach vacation.
  • The city is clean and well-kept, making it wonderful to walk around.
  • You are likely to meet a lot of fun people who speak English.

Attractions near Positano 🏛️

  • Da Adolfo Restaurant and Beach Club
  • Santa Maria Assunta Church
  • Arienzo Beach Club
  • Positano beach

Best restaurants in Capri & Anacapri

Read our in-depth article on the best restaurants in Positano. Bookmark your browser so you can come back to it.

Best hotels in Positano

Below are what we believe are the best hotel options for Positano in 2021.

The mermaid of Positano

The mermaid of PositanoPhoto thanks to Le Sirenuse

€€€€ + | 5 stars | One of the best hotels in the world | swimming pool

The Le Sirenuse is one of the best hotels in the world because it is located in the most desirable city (Positano), on what is probably the most desirable coastline in the world (the Amalfi Coast) and has a perfect view. Definitely comes with a price tag!

Location & booking

Hotel Eden Roc

Hotel Eden Roc

€€€€ | 4 stars | Great view, comfortable and beautiful

My wife and I stayed here a few years ago with our first daughter. Our room was beautiful and the balcony was big enough to invite friends over for dinner which was served by the hotel! Walk to the beach was manageable and would definitely stay here again!

Location & booking

Hotel Poseidon

Hotel PoseidonPhoto thanks to Hotel Poseidon

€€€€ | 4 stars | swimming pool

Great hotel in Positano with epic views from the pool. The hotel is higher up in town and in a cool location but be prepared for a longer walk to get to the beach. T

Location & booking

Alcione residence

Alcione Residence PositanoPhoto thanks to Alcione Residence

€€€ | 3 stars | Cool villa-like option

Great little hotel with comfortable rooms and a great view.

Location & booking

Hotel Palazzo Murata

Hotel Palazzo MurataPhoto thanks to Hotel Palazzo Murat

€€€€ | 4 stars | Great pool and view

This is a “Roman villa” style hotel with ancient features and modern comforts. An easy walk to the beach and downtown Positano makes it an easy choice!

Location & booking

Palazzo Margherita

Hotel Palazzo MargheritaPhoto thanks to Hotel Palazzo Margherita

€€€ | 4 stars | Centrally located

Beautiful hotel full of natural light and vegetation with a real “Amalfitana” feeling! A bit high up so be ready to walk to the main square.

Location & booking

If you want to stay in a villa, has a lot of great options.


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