Finding a vacation spot that will please the whole family is practically impossible. Luckily, even the most difficult to please families will find countless things to love in the Mount Hood Oregon area. A vacation in Oregon will be filled with exciting outdoor adventures and breathtaking sights. Mount Hood offers enough activities to fill ten vacations easily.

You will find many fun activities in this area, such as the Mount Hood Railroad and the Bonneville Dam. This dam truly showcases the skill of American engineers. It also is an interesting site from a historical point of view. The Bonneville Dam is also only a short 40-minute drive from Portland, Oregon, and is open year-round.

The Bonneville Dam may not be highly publicized like the Hoover Dam, but it is no less impressive. In fact, many say that this dam is an absolute technological marvel. You and your family will definitely be glad that you took the time to see this amazing manmade creation. Another item of interest is the fish ladders, where spectators can see various types of salmon including Chinook, Coho and Sockeye.

Its first powerhouse was constructed in the mid 1930s as part of the New Deal. A second powerhouse was constructed years later between 1974 and 1981. The most amazing thing about this dam is its size. The sheer massive nature of this huge project will leave your family talking and marveling for days to come. In fact, 3,000 workers received jobs as a part of the New Deal to construct the Bonneville Dam.

The Bonneville Dam produces quite a bit of power, over one million kilowatts to be exact. While this is impressive, it pales in comparison to the sheer size of this dam. If you want to show your family something amazing and unique while teaching them a little bit about history, then you definitely need to visit Bonneville Dam. This dam is a great way to explain the New Deal and show just one of the amazing things that it accomplished. The Bonneville Dam is just one of countless sites that you can visit with your family next time you go to Mount Hood Oregon.


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