Few will argue that as far as online game rentals go, the two most used services are Gamefly and Gamerang. Both companies have a well established business and a steadily increasing member base. However, which company is best for you? Well it depends on a series of factors. First of all what exactly is it that you look for in a game rental service? Let’s go through a few of the most frequently looked at features and compare them side by side.

Game titles

In this category, Gamefly comes out the victor with over 6000 titles and growing. Gamefly has slightly over 4500. Sometimes all that matters however, is which one has the most recent games. In that regard both companies are on top of new releases and most popular games. That being said, some games are appreciated later in their life. However, having 1500 more titles than Gamerang, Gamefly is more likely to have the title you’re searching instead of waiting for someone else to finish the game you want while you wait on a queue

Gamefly Wins.

Turn around Time

In the past, Gamerang stole many Gamefly customers because of the simple fact that Gamefly only had one distribution center to Gamerang’s four. This meant that turn around times were much greater for Gamefly since the games had to travel much further. For people on the East Coast, Gamefly took the longest because its base was in California. However, seeing this as a growing problem, Gamefly added three distribution centers to tie Gamerang. Gamerang distribution centers are located in California, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Gamefly has distribution centers in California, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida. At this point it’s a tie and I’m sure more centers will pop up. For now, assume either service will get you a new game in 4-7 days from when you put yours in the mail.

Gamefly and Gamerang Tie.


One of the most important questions is how much will it cost? This is the current pricing structure for both:

Gamerang Prices:

  • 1 game out: $14.95 for the first month and $17.50 each month following.
  • 2 game out: $24.95 flat rate per month
  • 3 game out: $49.95 (with a $75 refundable deposit)
  • 4 game out $59.95 (with a $100 refundable deposit)

Gamefly Prices:

  • 1 game out: $8.95 for the first month and $15.95 each month following
  • 2 game out: $22.95 flat rate
  • 3 game out: $29.95 (with account with 60 days good standing)
  • 4 game out: $36.95 (with account with 60 days good standing)

As far as prices go, Gamefly beats Gamerang in every category. Also, Gamefly has a 10 day free trial whereas Gamerang does not. Gamerang does however come with a free one year subscription to Wired Magazine. If that’s worth the extra cost, at least that’s something to count on.

Gamefly Wins.

Customer Service

I’ve heard that Gamerang has a longer record in good standing for customer service than gamefly does. Gamefly is however coming up strong with their attempt to curb this complaint. Whether or not Gamefly is up to speed with their customer service now, Gamerang has a larger positive response than Gamefly.

Gamerang wins due to a longer record.


Gamerang does have a great service to provide but when you line up pro vs pro, Gamely just simply has more. Now with their Gamefly rewards program, customers are rewarded even furthur with incentives based on how long they’ve been a member. Gamerang did achieve one thing however. When gamefly was a mediocre service, Gamerang came in and stole a lot of the thunder with better service and faster deliveries. This however turned out to make Gamefly even better because now they not only match Gamerang but surpass them by far.


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