What you need to know about a double hardflip is that it is a handful combo of one front side pop shuv-it plus a double dosage of kickflip. It’s a more high tech version of the normal hardflip which is followed by an extra spanking of a kickflip. How neat is that? So, if the basic hardflip is your thing then double hardflip will not be a difficult trick to learn.

This trick would be effortless if you have already mastered hardflip and double kickflip as it is actually 2 sets of tricks combined to make a really cool motion on your skateboard.

So, how to do double hardflip?

First, in doing a double hardflip, you must position the ball of your back foot at the skateboard’s tail, the same as you do for a typical hardflip.

Secondly, the front foot should be placed at the front of your board and the only difference is you need to place it slightly lower to the board’s deck.

Next, bend your body as you roll slowly to a faster pace where you can pop this combo which will seem to be like you are doing the normal hardflip.

Fourthly, as you are popping the tail, simultaneously use your back foot to begin the rotation of the board with enough force.

While you are doing that, in a similar motion of a normal hardflip, you need to drag your front foot upwards to the board. You also need to adjust the timing in dragging your foot upwards as currently it is slightly more positioned to the back comparing to a normal hardflip.

Now, flick your board as you drag your front foot upwards reaching just before the nose. Now, in a normal hardflip, you might only need sufficient force to flick the board. But in a double hardflip, you need to double the force than usual. Usually those who had mastered the normal hardflip, would find that putting more force into the flicks is not a problem at all.

As you flick your board, remember to jump high and pull your legs to make the trick really work. The board will flip faster than usual so make sure that you have set in mind to lower your back foot as soon as possible to catch the flipping board. After several practice, to catch the flipping frenzy board wouldn’t be so difficult to be dealt with the more familiar you know this trick. Lastly, catch the board, stomp on it and roll away.

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